Welcome to Farm Life and Freedom! So glad you are here!

farm life and freedom

The Farm Life and Freedom podcast is now up and available on most platforms, just about wherever you get your podcasts.

The podcast is available in audio or video format, depending on what you prefer and where you get it.

You can find the video format podcast episodes on Spotify or the Farm Life and Freedom Youtube Channel or on the Show Notes pages.

The audio format can be found on most platforms or you can also click and listen at Farm Life and Freedom Podcast.

Main Topics

These are the topics that will be discussed regularly, but there may be others that pop up!

  • Gardening
  • Livestock Management
  • Homestead Management and Infrastructure
  • Self-Sufficiency in all forms
  • Cooking, Canning and other Food Preservation
  • Homeschooling and Raising Healthy Adults
  • Natural Living
  • Current Events and How they affect us
  • plus so many DIYs!

What you should expect from the Farm Life and Freedom podcast:

Amy pulls no punches. She is very …um… straightforward.

Some may say… she’s bold. Her daughter says… she’s a Drill Sergeant.

It is what it is.

You can be certain of one thing for sure; she is relatable. She’s not a scientist, speaking in Latin terms. You won’t have to conjugate verbs or use a dictionary to understand her.

Amy uses down-to-earth communication, with a southern drawl. She is sarcastic and humorous-mostly self-deprecating, and she offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to her listeners.

You can learn a little more about Amy and the Farm Life and Freedom Podcast here.

The Goal

The goal of the Farm Life and Freedom podcast is to create and build up a large community of people who want the absolute best in a self-sufficient, simpler lifestyle.

A community, or network, of people who can learn from each other and help each other with their own knowledge and experience.

Whether you are just beginning this journey or you’ve been on it for a long time, this podcast and this community of people will be an asset. Knowledge is power and we are more powerful in numbers.

Join us. Learn what you need, teach what you know, and be a part of a community of people who want the same things.

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