Get Your Garden Growing Great

Ep 2 – Get Your Garden Growing Great

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Farm Life and Freedom Podcast Ep 2 Garden Growing Great

In this episode of Farm Life and Freedom Podcast, we talk about the crucial beginning steps to take to get your garden off to the best possible start.

  • *Initial planning and what to consider during that process, plus some helpful resources.
  • *Site preparation to include testing and amending your soil, composting, and weed suppression.
  • *Various types of garden beds to consider, based on your needs and resources, such as raised beds, strawbale gardening, traditional systems, and permaculture.
  • Various methods of gardening; traditional methods versus natural gardening.

Plus we touch on companion planting in the garden. Our next episode will be a deep dive into companion planting and natural, organic methods that you can use to create your best garden ever!

Resources mentioned:

Two Oaks Farm Talk for information on building, gardening, and our natural swimming pool.

Planning Your Best Garden – Gardening planner, workbook, logbook, and journal

Becoming Self-Sufficient Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Your Family’s Survival in an Uncertain Time


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